Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unknown Bath Bomb.

So this post is going to be a bit of a mystery today because I don’t know what this bath bomb is called. It came in the Christmas goody box and unfortunately it didn’t have a label on it but you guys might be able to help with this.

Here it is.

Any ideas so far? If not let me describe it for you. It has a moderate fizz, turned my bath water a light yellow colour and had kind of a flowery, warm smell. I want to say Honey but that’s not really what it smelt like so I might have just made that up.Oh and it was from Lush.

For the review: It fizzed for about 1min maximum and then disappeared in to the light yellow colour that was then my bath water. When I first put this bomb in to the water it let off a really lovely smell that encompassed the bath room but unfortunately once the bomb had dissolved so did the scent. There was a really nice oil/moisturiser that was left in the water that made my skin feel lovely while in the bath but when I got out I could not feel this and had to moisturise separately. I loved the colour of the bath water but the scent was a bit of a let down. 

All in all the Unknown bath bomb was ok. I would say that if this bomb cost £1.00-£1.50 then i would probably buy this again but if, like i think it was, priced at around £3.00 then I dont really think it's worth the money. 

Stacey x x

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