Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pop in the Bath.

Another quick bath treat for all you bathaholics out there and this is nothing if not lovely. I'm not sure if I really need to specify where this came from, I don't mean which shop (this originally came from Lush) I mean it came from the Christmas goody box, of course. 


This bubble bar had me from the start, the flower shape was so cute and, well, it was pink which is always a winner in my eyes. When I stuck in under the running water it started to form perfect suds on the top of the water that reminded of what I thought clouds looked like when I was a child (the Care Bears kind). The scent that floated from this bar was kind of sweet and flowery and calming at the same time. I could not place the scent but it left my bathroom with just a hint of something lovely and comforting. My favourite part of this whole bubble bar has to be the fact that underneath the luxurious, frothy bubbles my bath water was pink! Both the white suds with a hint of pink in them, and the pink water made me imagine that I was bathing in strawberry milkshake, Yum. Would I pay £2.90 for this product? Yes, I definitely would.

Stacey x x

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