Friday, 11 May 2012

Vogue cover – Masculine Feminine.

Hi guys last Sunday was the first in a selection of photo shoots that will be taking place over the next few weeks. My good friend and esteemed colleague, the lovely Gemma (of Gemma McAuley photography, the talent behind my wedding photos) is in her final year at uni and she approached me to help with part of her final project. I have worked with Gemma on numerous projects in the past and I always love it!

So the brief for this project is to take inspiration from Vogue covers of the past and bring them in to the present with a modern twist. 

The first cover that inspired us was the Vogue 15th April 1977 edition entitled “More dash than cash”. As you can see this is quite a masculine tailored look, with a hint of feminine with the lashings of make-up that has been applied. Also although this is a 70s cover I feel that it is very 80s in style. Definitely an incite in to what the future would hold for make-up and fashion, and ultimately what I have come to expect from Vogue.  

Image source 

So we decided what we would like to do for our recreations is keep the pose and the feel of the picture as similar as possible and create the modern twist with make-up and styling. Over all what we would like to achieve is “an ode to Vogue”, to pay homage to the masters of style and creativity that have stood the test of time, and are still to this day at the forefront of fashion.

And here is our recreation.

I am very happy with our first try. I think the pose is very similar (but cropped closer) and I love the strength in the face. As you can see I went with a bright lip and kept the rest of the make-up very minimal to bring this up to date. The lip was actually pink on the outside and orange in the middle and vivid neon. We also kept the hair similar (neither of us are good with hair, it’s why I have mine cut short lol) but when looking at the pictures I have realised the parting in the hair is on the opposite side of the head, school boy error!

Product List  

ANEW Skin Transforming primer
MAC Face and Body – Mix of C4 & N5 and a little white
Tesco Soft Focus – Highlighter on the cheeks
Carmex lip balm
E.L.F Hi Definition powder
NYX – Angel blusher
NYX medium/dark contour powder (no name)
MAC Phloof – highlighter on cheeks
Rimmel Colour Mousse – 006 Get Fresh, all over eye lid
Avon Supershock Gel eyeliner – Black, tight line
Clinique High Impact mascara – Black
OCC Lip Tars – Beta (neon orange) & Anime (neon pink)

I absolutely love the neon pink on Gemma’s skin and I am currently talking her in to getting a similar shade for every day wear!

Our next photo shoot is tomorrow and I am so excited! So keep a look out for more posts soon.

Stacey x x 

If you would like to check out Gemma's work click the links below.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Avengers outfit and make-up.

Last Saturday was the long awaited and heavily anticipated cinema trip to see The Avengers or Avengers Assemble, if you are super geeky like me! I am a self professed geek when it comes to these types of things. I love movies anyway and definitely buy in to the whole superhero notion, so when it comes to movies about superheroes? Suffice to say I was in fantasy action heaven!. P.S I Love Thor.

So for my cinema trip I devised an outfit and slapped on a bit of erm..... Slap.

I feel that this outfit is a little bit twin-set and pearls. As you can see I braved it with the bare legs look. It did seem sunny outside from my window so I thought it might be at least tepid? Unfortunately for me, not so much, it was freezing!! 


About 80% of this outfit I have to thank my mother for as the only things I bought were the pink body top and the belt. Actually TBH 80% of my wardrobe I have to thank my mother for, she is in fact a fashionista!. The pearls were a present from my nan for my 18th birthday so she also deserves a shout out today.

Next is my cinema make-up, or my cinema no make-up. The reason I wanted to show you this today is to prove that sometimes a full face of make-up isn't needed to look good. 


In this picture I have no foundation on at all. I cleansed, toned and moisturised as normal. I coloured in my eye brows with my trusted MAC Spiked Eyebrows and tamed them with Collection 2000 clear mascara. I used my new Inika eye liner in 07 Graphite close to the lash line and to tightline and blended out. With a little Dior Skinflash 002 under my eyes to cover the baggage. I added a wash of colour to my cheeks with Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in 15 Rose Eclat and to finish I added a slick of my cherry and vanilla Figs and Rouge balm to my lips.

All in all a pretty simple and quick look. I have to admit sometimes I can not be bothered putting a full face of make-up on, actually it's sometimes a daunting prospect especially if you are trying out a new look. So some days when I want to wear a little summat summat but don't want to look like “isn't that Jessie J?” I'll just do a little eyes, or cheeks or sometimes I'll do a bold lip. Make-up is to be played with and to have fun with, don't conform and think you either have to have a full face on or nothing at all. Why not make and break the rules, life's for living after all.

Stacey x x