Monday, 26 March 2012

Dior Skinflash and MAC Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder.

Hi guys so on Saturday, the hottest day of the year so far (I can't count Sunday as I was in my house all day and didn't have chance to enjoy the sun) my self and the ladies enjoyed a lovely day and evening in Manchester. We had booked to see Sarah Millican at the O2 Apollo so we decided visit Manchester a bit earlier to partake in it's pleasures. That for me and another friend meant some retail therapy, the others some alcohol therapy. So while we were there we ventured in to Lush, for my friend and MAC, Dior and Next for me and here are my purchases.

These amazing glasses are from Next and were bought for me by one of my lovely friends for my birthday. They are a bit of an acquired taste but to be honest my whole style is a bit of an acquired taste ;0)

The first actual purchase, of the things I bought with my own money (I didn't even use hubby's, I am a very good girl) is MAC Prep and Prime transparent finishing powder. I have only just started using a liquid foundation again recently and I have found that it really needs to be powdered to stop it from feeling sticky, as I have quite oily skin. MAC says “A silky, colourless finishing powder suitable for all skin tones. Reduces shine while optically minimizing the look of lines & imperfections. Wear over make-up or on its own”. As you can see I bought this in the compact just because I find it easier and less messy than loose powder, but it does come in both. This powder is also translucent which is great for me because of the whole paleness issue that I have. 


My next purchase was Dior Skinflash in 002. When I visited the counter the sales assistant showed me both 001 and 002, now I would normally go for the lightest colour that I can get my hands on which I believed would be 001. However when she swatched both the colours on her hand 001 was SO pink. I mean really pink, I was shocked. The sales assistant had already commented that she thought I would be 001 instead of 002 but when she swatched them my actually words were “am I that pink?” accompanied with a look on my face that I can only describe as 'deer in head lights'. Now I am not normally one for contradicting the sales assistant, they know their products after all but after seeing the swatches I had to go for 002 instead. 


So here is the swatch on my hand.

And here it is on the left covering most of the redness under my eye. I am still really surprised that it makes that much of a difference. This will be something I will be repurchasing over and over. It's pretty amazing. 


The sales assistant was lovely at the Dior counter, she wasn't fazed by my outburst, she popped some samples in the bag for me and also came out from round the counter to delicately pass me my bag (oh good customer service how I love you so much). She was a delight.

So what free goodies did I get? I received a sample of Miss Dior Eau FraĆ®che which smells absolutely divine and a sample of Capture Totale One Essential. This is plugged as “the 1st Universal Skin Boosting Super Serum” by Dior. It eliminates toxins, correct all visible signs of ageing, boosts performance of other products and brightens the skin. It is a serum so I will either be using this on it's own at night or under my daily moisturiser in a morning. As with all products it offers the world but I'm excited to see if it delivers for me. 


So a very good day all round. The sun was shining, I was with my ladies and we had some giggles. I hope you have all been enjoying the sun if you have been lucky enough to get some, remember in the UK the sun won't be around for long so enjoy it while you can.

Stacey x x

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