Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Professional Massage

I wanted to write this post for those of you that have never had a professional massage. I understand that your first ever massage can be a daunting experience and many people can have preconceptions about things like - towel etiquette, clothing removal etc.  So for those first timers, I want to dispel some of those worries and let you know what it’s really like to have a massage.

Lets start with the first, mainly male thought:- “Will a massage turn me on?”
Now I know that this is a common thought amongst men because when I first met my fiancĂ© he told me that he didn’t like the thought of me massaging other men. I realised then that he had assumed that a professional massage = porn massage. Needless to say that idea evaporated once he received a deep tissue massage ;0)

So all I have to say to those worried (or not) about this is that generally, the therapist is not going to whip her top off and massage you with her boobs. Unless of course you are in one of THOSE establishments, upon which I could not possibly comment. However, a normal massage can still have this effect on some people and all I can say about that is that your therapist has seen it all before!.

Moving on to towel etiquette and the removal of clothing. Generally, when you enter a treatment room your therapist will advise you of what to do. This will differ with country, treatments and personal preferences. With me, my greeting is always the same. I will ask you if you have had this type of treatment before, advise what it will entail, exactly how I need you positioned, where the towels need to be and the amount of clothes I need on or off. The best advice I can give is to just listen to your therapist and if you have any questions just ask them.

Ahh falling asleep. Massage (depending on which type) is a deeply relaxing experience and falling asleep is the most natural thing in the world. If you fall asleep during a treatment - well TBH, so what!!!! All that will happen is your therapist will wake you up either at the end or to turn you over. Also drooling, muttering, snoring etc does not matter to us. All it means is that your body needed sleep and that we as therapists have done a good job.

To finish this post I thought I would regale you with a few personal experiences.
So, I have had a young man get completely naked and place a hand towel over his bum for a back, neck and shoulder massage. I’ve had a lady disrobe to complete nakedness before I left the room. I have had sleepers, snorers, moaners and groaners and the odd pitching of tents, all of which does not bother me AT ALL!

For all you prospective clients the moral of this story is enjoy, relax and if you have any questions just ask.

As for therapists……..we have seen it all before.

Stacey xx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My first blog post about my first MAC Pro purchase

I thought it only fitting for my first ever post to be about something completely new. Now don’t get me wrong this is not the first time I have frequented the MAC counter, nor is this my first product from the fabled make-up powerhouse. But this is the first time I have ever bought anything Pro or used my discount to buy it.

This purchase all started on what was a normal day in central Manchester. Those of you that have visited Manchester would definitely have known just how normal this day was..……….It was raining, the sky was a beautiful shade of grey and the joyous squawking of pigeons fighting over a discarded pasty was in the air. 

On this very normal day I decided that I'd waited an inordinate length of  time for my MAC Pro card to arrive. It had in fact only been 3 weeks since I'd posted my application but I was EXCITED!! So much so that I thought I might burst!

So I called the MAC hotline and spoke to a lovely lady (big mistake) and not only did she get my card sorted, she also advised that I could purchase discounted products straight away if I wanted to. Surprisingly enough I did want to.

*Alas she knows me so well*

So here they are

My purchase included Face and Body Pro white foundation and F&B in C1 (which I’m under the impression is the lightest pink toned foundation that they do).

The cost of these products to buy without a Pro card is £23.50 each and unfortunately you can't buy the white foundation if you don't have a Pro card. However you can order the other F&B foundations via mail order.

So I thought it would be nice to include some full face pictures showing you the colour instead of swatches. Below you will see the foundation on the left hand side of each face (your left not mine) and my natural skin tone on the right hand side. 

This one is the  Pro White. As you can see this is a little too pale for my natural English rose complexion. I like to say English rose as it sounds much nicer than Casper the Ghost lol.

And this is the C1 which is just a smidge too dark for my skin tone.

However fear not as I was prepared for this eventuality. After a small Chemistry lesson and 50/50 ratio later the catastrophy was averted. 
I must say on a more serious note this foundation is lovely. I found it to be easily blendable, lightweight and it left my skin with a lovely dewy finish. For those of you nice people who need a medium to full coverage foundation, I would not necessarily say this foundation is for you, althought it is buildable.  As you can see from the pictures this foundation covered the redness on my cheeks and under my eyes, however I didn't have any blemishes or spots when these were taken so I'm not sure how well it would have covered those. 

All in all I am a very happy customer. Fantastic customer service on the MAC helpline, I am loving the white so I can mix my own colour and the foundation itself gets a thumbs up from me (it means you like it when you are wearing if for your wedding!)

So for those of you that want to see the bespoke mixed colour in all its glory stay tuned for a post wedding blog post documenting make-up on "the big day". 

See you soon.

Stacey x x