Friday, 23 September 2011

The Big Nails Inc Swatch

As a new season is upon us and companies are busy promoting their new wares (all of which I want of course), I wanted to get this post out to show you guys what already takes pride of place in my kit.

With that in mind I have started with my Nails Inc polishes, due to the fact that they have some amazing products coming out this season and I have a feeling I may be purchasing a few. 

(I apologise in advance if some of these polishes have been discontinued or if you are unable to get hold of Nails Inc where you live)

 From left: Jermyn Street, St James's, Birdcage Walk, The Mall, Clerkenwell, Victoria, Thames, Draycott Terrace.

 From Left: Clerkenwell, Jermyn Street, Draycott Terrace, The Mall, Victoria, Victoria, Thames, St James's, Birdcage walk, Clerkenwell.

Sorry guys the ones above were the first polishes to be photographed and I didnt think to put them in the order that I had painted them, however I noticed and rectified my mistake below. 

  From Left: Seven Dials, Tudor Way, Beaumont Street, Pembroke Close, Strawberry Hill

 From Thumb: Seven Dials, Tudor Way, Beaumont Street, Pembroke Close, Strawberry Hill

The 2 pictures above and the 2 pictures below are both Creme nail polishes, which means they have no shimmer, glitter, special effects etc, they are just pure, unadulterated colour. 

 From Left: Ibiza Orange, Jermyn Street, Victoria Gate, Haymarket, Baker Street (yep I have Jermyn Street twice)

               From Little Finger: Ibiza Orange, Jermyn Street, Victoria Gate, Haymarket, Baker Street

     From Left: Kensington Square Caviar, Kabaret, Kensington Road Caviar, Electric Avenue, Monmouth Street

 From Little finger: Kensington Square Caviar, Kabaret, Kensington Road Caviar, Electric Avenue, Monmouth           Street

The 2 pictures above and the 2 pictures below both show a selection of shimmer, sparkle and glitter finishes. 

                  From Left: Park Lane, Chelsea Square, Earlham Street, Belgrave Square, Manchester

               From Thumb: Park Lane, Chelsea Square, Earlham Street, Belgrave Square, Manchester

Well this has been a mammoth of a post today. I hope you have all enjoyed having a peek in to my collection and I hope all of the nail enthusiast's out there have found some thing of interest.

Stacey xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Red Hair

Hello and welcome to another very dull and rain sodden day in Lancashire. It feels like it has rained constantly for all my life (although it's probably only been two weeks). So to brighten my miserable mood, and maybe partially due to the fact that my hair was looking decidedly like a mullet, I decided a hair cut and colour was in order.

Now I'm really picky about where I go to get my hair done, not because my hair is amazing, but because it's really not! Its fine, its limp, its lifeless and a whole host of other adjectives that I probably shouldn't mention here. Yep, I think you can guess em. So I booked in with the fantastic Steph Osgood at Dash Hair Design near Bolton. Steph has been styling my hair for about 9 months now and I have gone from mid length brown hair (with the black ends, I was home dying before this), to an inverted purple bob, and to the fiery shortness that I have now. Throughout this time Steph has been consistent in her greatness, offering many a pearl of hair wisdom, and her cutting isn't too bad either lol

This time all I had in mind was that I wanted to go a little more red. I have to admit, I'm not very good when it comes to fully formed hair idea's so Steph normally has her work cut out.

This is the before picture

and (a drum roll please) VoilĂ 

As you can see the red idea was kept and Steph added the darker and lighter flashes and the blunt fringe. The result? I absolutely love it! I think the colour makes my skin look amazing and the blunt cut brings it bang it up to date.

Now to round this up, what blog post wouldn't be complete without a little product loving so below you will find a list of products that I currently use to keep my hair looking it's best.
Wella Brilliance Shampoo

Bastiste – Nude Dry Shampoo

Charles Worthington – Rough and Tough Salt Spray

Tigi – Bedhead Small Talk

Tigi – Hard to get Wax.

Fudge – Paintbox in Red  Corvette

Thanks for reading and if you have any hair product recommendations for me let me know.

Stacey xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish

HI Guys,

I am very excited with what I am about to show you today. Lets begin by setting the scene: yesterday I was working hard as usual when I got a nice surprise, an email from the lovely people at Nails Inc. Now it is no secret that I LOVE Nails Inc and at the moment you may or may not know that they have a Special Effects range out at the moment (I wore the Glastonbury glitter polish on my wedding day, it looked Awesome). Anywho the email enlightened me to the fact that they had just launched their Magnetic nail polishes. So I hot footed it down to my local Debenhams to snap one up to review for your fine selves, and maybe because I really wanted it.

And here it is in all its glory.  
I chose Trafalgar Square magnetic polish and this was £13.

Even though I love Nails Inc I was a little sceptical about whether the idea surrounding these polishes was a tad too big to pull off. I mean a magnetic polish that moves around the nail to make a pattern. Pah! How can this work when we are not yet riding around in space cars like George Jetson?

So using all my super human ingenuity and reading the instructions (peal back sticker on the lid) I got down to it……………..trying the product that is. 

1st Step: I painted my nails with a base coat. I used Soho Silk.

2nd Step: I then painted my nails with the first coat of Magnetic polish and waited about 5-10mins for drying time, as it was the first time of using this product and I didn’t want to be painting and repainting in to the wee hours.

3rd Step: I then applied a moderately generous amount of the Magnetic polish to one nail at a time and then held the magnet over the top of my nail so that the ridge was touching my skin near my cuticle. I held the magnet over for about 20secs and within that time THE MAGIC HAPPENED.

And then ……………………..Ta Da!

A silent W.O.W appeared on my lips when the effect was revealed. Now I have tried a lot of nail products in my time (and unfortunately my time is getting on now) and there has been more than a few that have claimed the world and delivered nothing. But I must admit this product has claimed and delivered. This product is fantastic; I can’t rave about this enough. It was easy to use, the effect was pretty much instant (a must for a therapist, limited manicure time and all that) and so funky. I really am amazed and I will be promoting this product to every one that will listen. And to Nails Inc you have brought it out of the bag yet again. I salute you!! (oh and bring out some more colours please :0)

A little word to the wise, I’m going to try a few things with my polish to see if it gives any different results.

v     Try holding the magnet over the nail for different amounts of time to see if this gives different effects
v     This time I moved the magnet in a seesaw movements from side to side to get the pattern over as much of my nail as possible. Next time I am just going to hold it in one place on the nail to see how it looks with a selected part patterned.
v     I am also going to turn the magnet on its side to see that that gives a different pattern as well.
v     Oh and keep an eye on how close the magnet is to your nail, I had a few smudging incidents when I misjudged this.

Above all have fun with this product and let me know how you get on.

Foot note: I can only apologise for the pictures in this post, they arent quite as bright as i would have liked. Unfortunately the light in my new house is not great and the sun had gone down by the time I got home from my hard days work. I will work on the lighting for the next post though.

Stacey x x