Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Face Painting Goodies.

HI guys just a little one to show you my new face painting stuff. If you haven't noticed face painting is playing quite a big part in my life at the moment. I love it. It lets me unleash my creative side and seeing the children's faces when they have been transformed is priceless. 

I have been buying most of my face painting equipment from Face Paint UK at the moment. They have a massive array of products and with all my researching they are actually the cheapest of the websites that I have found. And I am all about the cheapest, cheapest and good customer service. Actually good customer service comes before the cheapest but the two combined and I wont go anywhere else. 

So here's what I got.

Round Metal Palette - for mixing liquid make up and glitter. 

Large Non Spill Water Pot - For clumsy hands (namely mine)

Empty A4 case with 12 velcro dots - this is for storing my paints so i can just open the lid and get started.

Diamond FX Sponge and Coloured Tack Sponge - I have only bought one of each at the moment so I can try them out and see what I like.


The only equipment I have not bought from Face Paint UK are my brushes. This is because I am quite particular about the type of brushes I like. First of all I am a plastic handle kind of girl. This is because they are genrally easier to clean than wood as the face paint does not stain the handles, and I find that they are more hard wearing. The brushes below were perchased from a  local art shop in Manchester called Fred Aldous. This art shop is pretty amazing, they have 2 floors and sell mountains of art supplies, also the staff seem to know what they are talking about, which I don't, so really they could tell me anything ;0)

I bought 3 packs of brushes this time.

These are Daler Rowney.

And both of these are Royal & Langnickel.

For my brushes I wanted a mixture of round and flat and a mixture of different sizes. I already have a few Daler Rowney so I know they last and perform really well. Royal & Langnickel are new to me so I hope they are just as good, or even better. Can't wait to use my new things now.  

Stacey x x

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