Monday, 12 March 2012

Dolly Cool.

Hi guys I am really excited today to show you the most amazing jewellery. A couple of weeks ago my self and hubby ventured to our first ever tattoo convention at the Tattoo Tea Party in Manchester. Not only were there some of the most incredible artists, but there was also some clothing and accessory stalls. And it was in the mass of ink and Rockabilly where I found Dolly Cool

Dolly Cool A.K.A Claire, is a jewellery designer from Manchester and all her creations are hand made with love and care and boy does it show, they are truly wondrous.

I have to throw in the disclaimer now, I am a quirky chick and this is some quirky jewellery so ready your self.

The first are the earrings that I bought at the Tattoo Tea Party where I first fell in love with Dolly Cool. Well technically I didn't buy them, hubby had to because I had conveniently forgotten my bank card ;0) 

As you can see they are comic book sounds. Can you believe there are earrings in the world that are this cool? Just wait till you see the rest!

So from the quality and sheer craziness of these earrings I took a look at Dolly Cool's website, and what I found was a collection of THE funkiest, THE quirkiest, THE coolest jewellery I have ever seen! And free delivery. I have to admit free delivery is my favourite when it comes to shopping online, it is a little know fact that I shop more often with websites that offer free delivery. With all this I couldn't help but buy. I paid with PayPal, nice and safe and I think it took about 4 days to receive my parcel and I was so Excited when I did.

On opening my parcel I found that my jewellery was safely packaged in bubble wrap and boxes.

And here is what I got. 


(yes those are skeleton Hello Kitty's)

I can not stress enough how much I Love my purchases. I love the fact that they come packaged so safe instead of just chucked in, I love the little care notes that come with them so you know how to look after them, the prices are great, the quality fantastic, and I love the fact that someone has lovingly hand made these for someone like me. I will definitely be buying more to add to my collection. The Hello Kitty Day of the Dead necklace and earrings I think next.

All I have left to say is Dolly Cool you make me one very happy girl. Keep up the good work.   

Stacey x x


  1. Wow! I am overwhelmed at your lovely review! Thank you so much, it is really nice of you :) It makes me really happy to do something that I love and that I am passionate about as a job, and it means a lot to me that people appreciate that and like my things! Thank you and enjoy your Dolly Cool goodies, Clare x

    1. Thanks Clare, im glad you like my review, you are amazing at what you do and it really shows that you love it. I adore my new jewellery. I was going to splash out on some Vivienne Westwood earrings but I think instead I will just be buying loads of things from you. Stacey x x