Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Glitter Tattoo Kit.

Hi guys welcome to a lovely Saturday, I have eaten cheese cake for breakfast and woken up with orange hair, well I had my hair dyed orange last night but it felt like I just woke up and it was there! So on this fine day I want to show you my new glitter tattoo kit. I have been thinking about adding glitter tattoos to my face painting for a while now but it was going to the tattoo show and seeing quite a few of children there that gave me the push to do it. 


So first of all I wanted a bag or case to put my kit in. I know this would normally be peoples second thought and not their primary concern, but what I didn't want to happen was to get the equipment and then have no where to put it and it be strewn all over my house. I looked long and hard to find the right kind of case for my kit. I wanted something of medium size with a shoulder strap and something that looked funky.

In my internet searching I stumbled across Roo BeautyRoo Beauty is a British company based in Devon who specialise in hair/beauty storage, and their things are amazing! Its about time that someone thought about storage ideas for beauty on the go and make it funky as well. Most hair and beauty professionals are creative people and we want to show our creative side, we don't just want to be stuck with an every day black carry case because it's the only thing on the market that will hold out kit, for me anyway I like a bit of choice. 

I went with the Amazon – Zebra Beauty Case which was £34.99 and I really like it. I wasn't too sure by the dimensions H22 x W32.5 x D21.5, how big it would be, even though I had my tape measure out trying to figure it out, but it is actually quite spacious without being cumbersome and heavy. 


It has 2 pockets on the sides and 1 on the front which will come in handy for extra space. The case opens with a zip that goes ¾ of the way round and the lid opens to display the pink interior. In the top of the case on the inside there is a mesh zip compartment. There are 2 trays on either side that open out like concertina, I think they are made from either plastic or hard cardboard and lined with a pink material. The bottom of the case is black and lined with rubber/felt, which the inserts are also made of. The inserts section off the bottom of the case in to 12 compartments when they are all used, but they are removable as well. The outside of the case is made from quite a thick foam material which I hope is wipe clean but can not be sure of. The whole of the inside does come out as well so if you wanted to use just the bag for some reason you could do that too.

I have also ordered a few other things from Roo Beauty but you will have to watch out for another review for those.

And so, on to the actual products. So I decided to go with Glitter Body Art for my first order of glittery supplies. Glitter Body Art are UK manufacturers based in South Wales and on their website they have everything you need to start glitter tattooing. As you are aware this is my first jaunt in to the world of glitter tattoos so I needed a good selection across the board to get my self started.

I started with the essentials.

Glitter glue: I bought 1 X 14ml bottle of Body Glue Plus which is dubbed on the website to be “long lasting body adhesive”.

Brushes: I bought one set of brushes which included what looks like a small blusher brush, a flat topped eye line brush and a splayed lip liner brush. Be under no illusion, these brushes are quite poor quality so they are in no way make up brushes. However I will only be using them to apply glitter and glue and they were very, very cheep so they will definitely do the job. Glitter tattoos are not the time to be using your MAC brushes!

I then went on to the stencils and decided I wanted to choose the boys first. This is because there was an abundance of girls stencils to choose from (because girls primarily have glitter tattoos done) and I really wanted to get some boys ones in before getting carried away with the girls ones.

For the boys I went with Robot 1 (looks very much like Transformers), Skull and Swards and Pirate Ship (classic pirate designs), Dagger Flames (this was just for my personal love of real tattoos), and Baby Dragon.

For the girls it was really hard to narrow it down but I eventually went for: Shooting Star, Cherries, Flower Armband, Heart Crown, Flutterfly, Angel, Diva, Funky Fairy and Fairy Wand. 

I then went on to choose the glitters. I decided to choose the stencils first and the glitters last so that I could work out which glitters would go with which designs I had chosen, see there is method in my madness.

Pink, Sliver Sparkle, Turquoise, Gold.

Gun Metal, Apple Sparkle, Marine Blue, Green, Fushia.

My purchases from Glitter Body Art also came with a care sheet advising of precautions and after care tips.

All in all I am very happy with both my purchases from Roo Beauty and Glitter Body Art. They both came packaged exceptionally well, in good time and very good value for money. Just cant wait to get started now, stay tuned for glitter fun coming your way soon.

Stacey x x


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