Thursday, 28 June 2012

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Polish.

HI guys this is just a quick review of two new nail polishes that I purchased from Avon. These are Lemon Sugar and Pastel Pink. I have been looking for some pastel colours for a while now and was having trouble finding any I liked that didn’t have any shimmer. So when these came in to the Avon brochure at the bargain price of £2.50 I thought I would give them a go.

Now I have been buying Avon products for a long time now and my rep always reminds me that I can send products back if I don’t like them, which I have never done - until now.

It upsets me very much to say this but I hate these nails polishes! I’m sorry Avon.

The colour of these polishes are actually amazing. Sweet, light and sugary, just what I believe to be the perfect tone for pastels. Also the fact that these are mat, as opposed to shimmery are a godsend! However this cannot make up for the fact that I hate the application of these polishes. I found that they streaked. They went on and partially came off with the same swipe of the brush, making the polished area pitted instead of smooth. Also when you open the polishes they are a lovely consistency in the beginning but i would only get through one nail before they started going gloopy.Unfortunately these just did not cut the mustard, not even for £2.50.

In this picture I have had to apply 3 coats (which is a deal breaker for me!). And even after 3 coats the polish still was not smooth. 

You can’t imagine how upset it makes me to write this review especially when the colours are so amazing. But what can I do, I only tell you guys the truth.......... and sometimes the truth hurts. *sad face*

Stacey x x

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