Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Glossybox May 2012 – The Anniversary Box.

Hi guys sorry this has taken an absolute age to come to you. I have literally had this box for so long that I have received June’s Glossybox as well. Oh the shame.

But on the bright side I can give you a full and hearty review on the products, as I have used all but one that was in my box. 

As this was Glossybox's 1st  year anniversary, as well as the normal 5 products that you receive for your testing pleasure there was also some birthday surprises as well. This was so all Glossybox customers could share in the birthday celebrations, and because I am so thoughtful I thought I would start with these so you can share in the fun as well. 

The first of my gifts (which I actually didn't pay for this time) is what every girl needs in their hand bag and that's a mirror. I carry a mirror pretty much everywhere with me, now this is not because I love my self or anything, it's simply because sometimes you need to check that you haven't got a bogie hanging out of your nose. And maybe to check your lipstick and hair as well.
The other gift is something that every birthday, or in fact every celebration needs, and that is a balloon. It's quite surprising that something this inexpensive and small could make me grin from ear to ear. For me it's the thoughtful things that mean the most, not how much they cost.
With that in mind lets begin the proper review.

OSMO Berber Oil Hair Treatment.
Today I wanted to start the review with my favourite product from this month's box. This is a treatment oil that can be used on wet or dry hair to nourish, decrease drying time and to protect colour from UV rays. I have been using this on my hair before blow drying and it is amazing! It leaves my hair silky soft, but not oily (unless I have used too much, which I have been known to do but only once), and it still leaves it light weight and volumised. I haven't noticed a difference in drying time however, but my hair is so fine it does not take long to dry normally any way. As for repurchase? I will definitely be buying this again when mine runs out (which wont be for a long time because a little goes a very long way). 

Lolita Lempicka and Si Lolita.
These are 2 mini vials of fragrance from Lolita Lempicka Paris. I duly tried both of these fragrances and although I was tempted by the pictures of the beautiful perfume bottles, both the fragrances were unfortunately not for me. I wouldn't say I really have a type when it comes to perfumes but I definitely know straight away if I don't like one and that was these. This does not mean that I was upset to find these in my Glossybox because I much prefer to try before I buy. Saves me money in the long run. 

Apivita Express Beauty Mask – with orange.
This mask came in a pack of two and suggested benefits of skin rejuvenation and invigoration, leaving skin moisturised with a natural glow. On opening, the mask was white in colour and creamy in consistency with small beads suspended in the product. I used both of these masks for approximately 10 mins each time and then I washed them off with cold water. I have to admit that although these masks were ok I would not buy them again. This is because I already have some firm favourites when it comes to masks, and these didn't really come close to them.


Noble Isle – Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel.
As always with a good bath and shower gel there is nothing negative to say about this product. The smell is beautiful and fresh. It lathers well and feels smooth and luxurious on the skin. Would I buy this again? If it was readily available and cheap enough, yeh why not. 

Eldora False Eyelashes.
Last but not least we come to the one product from this Glossybox that I have not tried yet. This is simply because I have had no place to wear these eyelashes to, and I don't want to waste them on just any old occasion. However this does not mean that I don't have an opinion on this product. I have had a look at the quality and style of these lashes and compared them to other lashes of a similar calibre. And they shape up pretty well. I wouldn't say these are my favourite eyelashes in the world (those would be Ardell's), but they are not bad at all. 
So this is my second ever Glossybox and I am still as in love with the concept as ever. I hope you are all enjoying these posts because there will be plenty more where these came from.

If anyone would like to sign up to Glossybox then click on the link below.
Stacey x x

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