Sunday, 1 July 2012

Glamping and Massage.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the most amazing and most bizarre hen do. Amazing because I had a fab time with the loveliest group of ladies and bizarre because I have never camped a day in my life. Actually I tell a lie, age 12 me and my best friend pitched a tent (not a euphemism, she is a girl too) in her parents garden. We slept in said tent all night and I hated it and never camped again! So when I received my invite for this excursion I was a little anxious to say the least, but the promise of a bed that was off the floor and a jacuzzi spurred me on (and the fact that the hen is undeniably one of the most beautiful, sincere, thoughtful people that I have ever met).

So on a very wet and windy weekend 15 chicklets and one hen met at York Yurts. Yurt? Yep I didn't know what one was either. Here is the low down; A Yurt is a posh tent that is secured like a Trojan to the ground (lucky for us because the wind was gale force). Ours slept 3 and had a wood burner, rustic furniture and a cow hide bed. Now that's what I call camping! 


The entertainment was provided by the wonderful Maid of Honour who invented and organised some highly competitive games. I actually won Bop It once and am now the self proclaimed champion!

We also stuffed our faces with some hearty, home cooked grub which was supplied by the owners of the site. And in true hen do style there was many a shot drank and many a mother dancing round a pole. Well actually just one mother and that was the hen's. Legend!

As well as craziness we also had some much needed relaxation and recovery time. We spent all day Saturday at the Spa - Bannatyne's Health Club in York to be precise. We arrived around 10.30am and duly collected our spa bags. These contained, to my delight, a fluffy robe (some spa robes are so scratchy) and a pair of slippers. We then chose our lunch and sauntered through to the pool area. This Bannatyne's Health Club has two sauna's, two steam rooms, two jacuzzi's, a pool, and what I can only describe as a cool (as in the opposite of warm) jacuzzi that is free flowing in to the swimming pool. All were exceptionally clean and in good working order. I specifically liked the fact that each of the heat rooms used different essential oils in them, adding to the benefits of the treatment. I was also happy that the scent in these rooms was not too strong because I have been in some that literally blow your head off! For lunch we ate panini's and jacket potatoes in our own private room, luxuriating in our robes like ladies of leisure. 


After lunch it was then “treatment time” and we had all been given our time slots and been advised to be there 5mins before. The treatment rooms were all upstairs in their own special area. As well as beauty rooms there is also a hair salon and a relaxation room (which is more like a waiting room). For the treatments we had a choice of either a back, neck and shoulder massage (BNS) or a mini facial and both treatments also came with a head massage. I went for the BNS because I LOVE massage! My therapist, Melissa was simply adorable. She was just the right balance of professionalism and friendliness which made me feel calm and at ease. The treatment room was cosy and warm, immaculately clean and tranquil. My treatment lasted about 45mins and it was superb. The pressure was just right (Melissa checked this with me which is good) and all the techniques and movements were there and well executed. Melissa noted that I had tension in my shoulders (too many hours at the computer blogging for you guys lol) and worked some knots out. Afterwards I received some sound after care advice and Melissa showered me with smiles and loveliness. I literally floated out of that treatment room and the rest of the day went by in a blissful haze. Until the night that is ;0)

So the weekend was an utter success filled with fun, frolics and a little pampering. What's not to love? I had a brilliant time and I am sure everyone else did too. Big thanks have to go to the owners of York Yurts who made sure we were well fed, warm and toasty and safe at night. Also a massive thanks and WOOHOO needs to go to the Maid of Honour who organised the whole thing and kept us rowdy ladies in check and on track for the whole weekend. Fay I salute you misses! And the final thank you has to go to the Groom, with out your proposal Jonny-boy we would not have had this fabulous weekend so a yay goes to you as well.

What do I have look forward to next? The wedding of course!

I am doing the make-up and nails for the wedding so I will be posting these on here soon for you all to have a look at.

See you soon.

Stacey x x .

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