Saturday, 16 June 2012


Today I am not going to talk about my blog or anything beauty related apart from a really beautiful person. Today I want to tell you about Veritas Ex Gustu or Veg as you might know her. Veg is a 9 year old girl living in the UK who writes what can only be described as a food blog. She is in fact a connoisseur of school dinners! And I would like to share her blog with you all today. 

So the idea of her blog is to show the world, or who ever wants to know, what she has had for dinner at school that day and I have to say I can not stop reading it! However it is not just me that this unassuming, simple blog has had an effect on, this little lady has gone viral – meaning: massive on the web. And as with most things that have a massive following this has not been without criticism. The Local Authority/Council actually banned Veg from taking photos of her school dinners. But in true internet form (and honestly Argyll and Bute Council do you live in a cupboard and not understand the internet at all!) the peoples of the internet answered! They answered with a petition, emails, liking/favoriting/sharing etc, in their droves and guess what happened? BAN REVOKED!
Now I have to apologise for the small rant that is ensues below.

Argyll and Bute Council and in fact councils in general let this be a lesson to you. You try to sensor a 9 year old girl, a 9 year old girl are you kidding me!. That btw does not say her school dinners are poop. From taking some pics of her dinners and making a blog, which by the way you have just helped publicise to Viral status. REALLY? You would really do this? I wonder why? Is it because you secretly know your school dinners are inadequate? If so why not do something about that instead?. Wow as you can see this has really had an effect on me, maybe I need a little rest!

End of rant.

So back to what I really want to say about this blog. It is truly amazing! I read this blog and think this how amazing the internet is that is can allow a 9 year old girl to express her view to the world, that truly astounds me. And Veg even though I have already commented on your blog posts I wanted you, and the people that read my little blog, to know that I think you are amazing! You have the drive, passion and sheer talent at such a young age to produce a blog that is so well written and well produced. I honestly love it. I love reading what you have had for dinner (and maybe making a judgement or two on it lol) and I love seeing the school dinners from all around the world. I want to say thank you so much for creating your blog, it has given me many hours of reading pleasure and I hope you continue (for ever for me) or for as long as it makes you happy.

And guys I am not going to say “if you want to check out Veg's blog” because I know you will want to! Instead I am going to say click the link below to be amazed and delighted by the pure genius of this amazing girl. 

Stacey x x

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