Sunday, 29 April 2012

My first ever Glossybox.

You can not understand how excited I am! On Friday I received my first Glossybox and being very aware that it needed photographing for you lovely guys I couldn't open it straight away, even though I really, Really wanted to!

For those of you that don't know, Glossybox is a monthly subscription that costs £12.95 incl p+p and once a month you receive what I like to call 'a gift' in the post. This 'gift' (that I have already paid for) includes 5 high end product miniatures to try in the comfort of your own home. This is absolutely amazing for me, for one being a blogger and for two, being totally and unequivocally in love with cosmetics! You can now see why I would be excited about this.

So lets start with the packaging. To me the packaging of a product is very important, it sets the mood for the whole product. My Glossybox came in a normal, sturdy brown box and I thought 'I hope there's another nicer box in there', needless to say I was not disappointed. 


My products came in this lovely biodegradable box embossed with the Glossybox logo. On opening I found the product card in the top, detailing what products I would find inside and explaining what my box was about. The April 2012 edition of Glossybox is all about natural beauty, hence the biodegradable packaging, and all the products in this box are dubbed as natural beauty products. When I removed the product card I then found that my products were wrapped in cream paper and sealed with a logo sticker and a ribbon. Even before I opened the wrapping I was sold. It's that easy for me, it's the finishing touches that mean the world. It's why I will go to Selfridges rather than Boots and La Senza rather than Debenhams. These places take such care with packaging your products that it makes you feel so special and for the rest of the day all you think about is getting home to open your purchases all over again. For me it's all about the buying experience and Glossybox has this in abundance! 


After spending time opening the wrapping, this bit has to be savoured no ripping or scrunching for this baby, I revealed my teats (haha one for the boys! You know I meant treats, right?). 


I received an Inika eye liner in 07 Graphite 1.2g/0.04oz, this looks like a full size product but it doesn't give sizes on their website. Inika is a luxury natural cosmetic brand that specialise in make-up. This eye liner is certified organic, lovely and soft to use and it is a lovely grey/brown metallic colour. This was used yesterday to give a little definition to my eyes without looking too made up. I also received a full size Monu Moisture Rich Collagen Cream 50ml. This moisturiser is said to relieve dryness, smooth fine lines and help prevent premature ageing. This is the only product I have not tried as yet but I am going to give it a go while I am relaxing in the bath later on. 

As well as this there was a 10ml Caudalie Paris SOS thirst quenching serum (full size 30ml). Caudalie are an ecological, natural skin care brand that provide luxury, cruelty free products. This product captures and diffuses water within the skin to restore moisture balance, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. I used this under my normal moisturiser and my skin felt hydrated all day. The last two products are things I have seen before but had never got around to trying so I was super excited to see them in my box. The first is a Figs and Rouge balm for lips, face and body. Truth be known I am a massive lip balm junkie. I like to keep my lips in tip top condition because I love nothing better than wearing a slick of lipstick when ever the mood takes me to pep up my look. Figs and Rouge do a variety of balms but the one I received is the Cherry and Vanilla one which came in a beautiful, purse friendly 8ml tin (full size is 17ml). I have only used this product on my lips so far but it is lovely. Not too oily, emits a tingling sensation on the lips and smells like cake! 

The last, and by no means least is a 70g tube of Burt's Bees nourishing milk and honey body lotion (full size 170g). I also used this yesterday and I had high hopes for this. As a disclaimer I have quite oily skin, not just on my face but all over my body so I don't tend to go for thick body moisturisers eg. The Body Shop body butters. When I squeezed this product on to my hand I initially though that it should really have been called a body cream, not body lotion because it was quite a thick consistency. As you know from above, not a good thing for me, but in the name of science I threw away my preconceptions and gave it a go. Once I started to rub this cream in it had a surprisingly mat texture and seemed to absorb in to my skin quite quickly, it was looking promising. However about 20mins later when it was time to get dressed I found my skin to be quite sticky, so much so that I had planned to wear tights but there was no way that those were going on. Yes I could have towelled off my legs a little bit but that's a waste of good product, instead I just braved the cold with bare legs . It is supposed to be Spring anyway isn't it? I can see this product being amazing for some one with dry skin because it does feel like it is moisturising from the inside out, also my body still felt hydrated when I woke up this morning. Now this does not mean that I wont be using this body lotion (cream) again, it just means I will be using it before bed or in summer (if we ever get one).
I have to say I am thoroughly delighted by the quality and the size of the products that I received! Even though there maybe one product that I wouldn't purchase this does not diminish the excitement that I feel every time I look at this box. In fact I have taken to keeping my products in the box so that every time I want to use one I can open the box again. It's like a never ending present!

Glossybox, what a great idea! It says on the website that you can unsubscribe when ever you want but I can't see me doing this for a very long time. Keep the quality cosmetics and the wonderful packaging coming. Thank you Glossybox you are doing an amazing job!

If anyone would like find out more and try out Glossybox you can give it a go by clicking on the link below

Hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

Stacey x x

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