Friday, 6 April 2012

Facepaint UK Haul.

Hi guys today I want to show you some things I ordered from Facepaint UK. For those of you that are not sure what a “Haul” is I want to briefly explain. The word Haul can be used as a noun or a verb. Verb: to pull or drag with effort or force. Noun: an amount of something gained or acquired. Like most bloggers I am using the noun version today to tell you about some face painting goodies that I purchased.

Here it all is. As you can see there's a fair amount there, well a fair amount for me anyway. So lets begin. 

Lovely chocolates. Thank you Facepaint UK for my lovely chocolates. They were a welcome surprise when I opened my products. Such a small thing means the absolute world to me. Customer service is what I am all about. 

I have been wanting to try some new paints for a while. I currently paint with Snazaroo which are OK but having not tried any other brand I don't know if there is something out there that I like better. With this in mind I decided to try a few small versions of other brands.

First I decided to go for the 12 colour P12 pearlised palette by Grimas. I really wanted some paints with a shimmer or sheen to them, at the moment I have a lot or straight/matt colours and sometimes they can look really dull and bland. I went for this palette in particular because it had a good amount of different colours and it's laid out on a palette with removable paints keeping them all together. Also if I use up any colour faster then the others I can just replace that one by popping the single one out and clipping another in. 


I also bought some neon refills from Diamond FX. They have got a palette for the neon colours but I didn't want them all for the moment so I only bought Magenta, Orange, Yellow and Pink. Both the Grimas and the DFX paints, including the Gold below, are all 10g which is not a lot of paint at all. The main reason that I didn't buy bigger ones is because if I don't enjoy working with them or they don't give the finish that I want, I haven't wasted a lot of money and I wont be stuck with products that I can't use. 


The last of the 10g tester size paints is Diamond FX Gold. Facepaint UK say “A good solid gold that will paint over another colour well”. I specifically bought this product for prince/princess crowns. The Snazaroo gold I have at the moment will not paint over a base colour which as you can guess is an issue for me. Can't wait to try this one out, I'm hoping it solves all my problems ;0).

There was 2 repurchases in my spend-a-thon and these in my mind are the masters of line work. Yep those of you that are face painters may have guess already, Diamond FX white and black. I have only gone for the 32g pots for the moment mainly because I like my kit to be light ( I am a non driver at the moment, hopefully soon to change). 


My last Diamond FX purchase is something I have been reading a lot of great reviews about, it's the Metallic White. Facepaint uk say “A pearly white already proving very popular for princess bases. Also surprisingly lush with a brush!”. Sounds good to me. Anything that I can use as a base and for line work gets my vote. Obviously the proof is in the using so we will see if it lives up to the hype. 


I did also buy the ultimate in fun things which include:

Effect Stencil Selection. This will be great for both face painting and make-up.

White Rainbow Glitter. A necessity and as glitter is one of my most favourite things in the world, very fun. I chose 20g of this in a zip lock bag but they do 10g for the same price in a bottle if you prefer. 


The epitome of fun, a new rainbow split cake. I went with a FPUK one this time. This is the Pastel Rainbow Paint. At £14.50 this is not on the cheep side, and I do know many face painters make their own rainbow and split cakes, I'm just not up to that yet. This cake is made with Grimas water paint and it also came with 3 Grimas sponges that fit the container perfectly.

Oh and last be not least I purchased a Practice Pad. This may not be construed as a fun thing but believe me if you had been painted as much as hubby has you would believe this to be the most amazing thing in the world!.

So there it all is, in all it's glory. Before I go I just wanted to leave you with a bit of information that I found really helpful and interesting on the Fabia Blog. It explains that there are 2 types of water based face paints. Wax and Glycerin based. Wax based paints include brands such as Wolfe, Tag and Diamond FX and Glycerin based paints include brands such as Kryolan, Paradise, Snazaroo and Grimas. Fabia states that “Wax based paints are ideal for line work, because they are smooth and require less water to activate them. Sometimes sponging and blending can be a challenge because the sponge can absorb too much water. Since they have wax in them they tend to be less resistant to blending, but better for layering”. And “Glycerin based paints are typically creamier and excellent for blending with a sponge. Unlike wax based paints, where the paints layer well, glycerin paints blend better and dry slightly slower so you are able to sponge and blend them easier”. Now I know this I understand why me Snazaroo Gold doesn't paint over any base colours!. I feel that understanding the make-up of a product helps you understand it's uses. I have to admit I have been thinking that my Snazaroo paints were rubbish because when I tried to use them for line work it looked poop, now I understand that I may have just been trying to use them for the wrong thing.

I hope this helps a little and I hope you have enjoyed checking out my new things and I'll speak to you soon.

Stacey x x

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