Monday, 16 April 2012

Lancome Vs Dior – The battle of the serum's.

Ladies and gentlemen hello and welcome to the first cosmetic death match! In the red corner we have the well known, critically acclaimed (on the interwebs) Dior Capture Totale – One Essential. And in the black corner we have the high end, the one and only Lancome Genifique – Youth Activating Concentrate”.

Yep I'm watching Rocky while writing this post today and may have got a little carried away. I wanted to do a comparison between these two super serums which both retail quite high on the price Richter scale. Both these products are dubbed as age related cosmetics providing the skin with specific ingredients to make it appear younger. As you all know by now I like my cosmetics, also if you have seen pictures of me on my blog you will know that I look pretty young already. Yes I still get asked for i.d at 28! I can’t advise you today if these super serums do what they claim about anti-ageing because I have no wrinkles as yet for them to do anything to. What I can say is how they made my skin feel and my hopes for the future after continued use.

The Claims.

I like to say claim because it is only a claim until it is proven by you the customer on your skin. Some skin care will work amazingly for one person and may do nothing for another which is why I do not make my judgements based on skin care reviews from forums alone. I don’t base my opinion on any negative reviews, although if something gets a good review it may sway me to try it. This is not because I don’t care about other peoples opinions or that their opinion is wrong (I read loads of reviews about make-up), it is simply because what hasn’t worked for someone else might actually work for me. Also I am a firm believer of prevention rather than cure. It would completely surprise me if any moisturiser or serum could actually make lines disappear. I mean a skin care product that can actually make the particles in you skin stop functioning in their natural way and reverse? Get me some of that! Which is why what I look for in a product is not miracles, it’s ingredients that over time strengthen the skins natural functions so it can stay looking younger for longer. Also I like it when my skin feels nice on the surface as well and generally looks in good condition.

So what are these two cosmetic power houses claiming?

Lancome say: “The secret of youthful skin. Revealed, drop by drop. Beautiful skin for every woman at every age. Instantly, skin feels silky soft, smooth and supple. Drop by drop, day and night, skin appears breathtakingly beautiful, radiant, even-toned and more refined. Skin looks noticeably younger, as if infused with life.
Genes contribute to the production of certain proteins present on the skin's surface that are a charactertic of skin's youth. Over time, the presence of these proteins decreases. Its innovative new formula stimulates the skin's surface. The presence of proteins characteric of young skin increases.”

Dior say: “Push back the limits of anti-ageing effectiveness to enhance the Beauty of Women. By eliminating toxins, One Essential triggers exceptional regeneration to reinforce the skin's youthfulness.
All visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone) are intensively corrected. Applied before any other treatment, it boosts its performance, amplifying the targeted effectiveness of major anti-ageing active ingredients for an exceptional youthful appearance”. 


Yes please! They both sound amazing and quite similar in what they seem to be offering, so it all comes down to the face test. I have tried both these products and I have to admit that between the two I really like the Lancome Genifique – Youth Activating Concentrate, actually I am in LOVE with it! Every time I use it it makes my skin feel amazing. I found this product really light, it soaked in to my skin pretty much on contact, which is what I look for in a serum because I have oily skin. It made my skin so silky and soft and it actually left a tightening sensation on my skin which I like to think is the product making me younger ;0) Over all I was so impressed with this product that I will definitely be purchasing a big bottle, when I have saved up of course. Now this is not me saying that Dior Capture Totale – One Essential does not work, as we have established I am not at liberty to make such a bold statement. The reason I haven't gone for this product is simply because it didn't feel as nice on my skin. I found it quite sticky and I don't feel that it made any difference to my skin texture when using it.

Now as I mentioned earlier these are both quite pricey products, in between £55 and £65 so if you were thinking about shelling out your hard earned cash I would definitely recommend getting some testers and trying them out first. These are definitely an investment buy not spur of the moment. It's OK regretting lets say a £5 eye cream, quite another thing regretting £60 worth of super serum.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the first cosmetic death match. Not really too bloody to begin with, thought I would ease you in. Fare well for another day.

Ding, Ding

Stacey x x