Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Roo Beauty – Cosmetic bags and rolls.

Hi guys so today I wanted to show you a few storage solutions that I came across when purchasing my Glitter Tattoo case. These of course are from Roo Beauty who by the way, are my new favourite company for beauty storage. Some of the things below were bought by my self and some came free with my Glitter Tattoo case.

The first is The Star – Large cosmetics bag (gray). This is a durable nylon zip top bag. It has a plastic coated mesh top so you can see the products in this bag without the hassle of opening it. It comes with removable foam inserts so you can either use the bag empty for maximum space or arrange the foam inserts in a way that best suits your needs. This cosmetics bag came free with my purchase, as did The Gem – Small cosmetics bag. 

The Gem – Small cosmetics bag (gray) as the name suggests is not dissimilar from The Star – Large cosmetics bag. This bag is made of the same material; it has the same mesh top and also has the foam inserts. The only difference between the 2 is the size. Gem is W20, D15, H7 and Star is W30, D18, H5, using my amazing powers of deduction I am guessing this is in Inches not Centimetres, the reason for this conclusion is that 5cms is REALLY small ;0) 

So what can you use these bags for? Well literally anything! Obviously they are made specifically for cosmetics but you could use them for holding/transporting anything that you can fit in them. I love the fact that they have removable foam inserts, this makes them really diverse. They are really well made, the zip fastening is strong and the material is quite supple so I would assume it would take a lot to rip or break them. I would defiantly say these are worth the very reasonable £4.99 price tag and will be purchasing more in the future.

As well as these I also bought a set of 3 Small Nail Polish Roll’s. These were £14.99 for the three and Roo Beauty will send pre-selected colours depending on availability, I received the red, blue and white. The small nail polish roll’s each hold up to 8 bottles of polish. These are stored securely in black netted pockets which makes it easy to see the nail polish colours. Once full the roll’s are then ahem… Rolled, and secured shut with a Velcro strip. 

I have to admit I am very happy with these as well. From a person who has a fair amount of cosmetics that have to be transported this company is a god send. The ideas they have had have been executed to the highest standard at a very decent price. As well as this they have given the option of making something functional funky with numerous different patterns and colours. I will definitely be buying from this company again. The delivery was so quick and the way it was packaged? put it this way nothing was getting damaged in that box! Everything was in its own plastic bag and then the box was padded out with big fat bubble wrap (I secretly love bubble wrap). I don’t know if it is just me but it is really important for my goods to be packaged safe and secure. It’s the worst thing to be excited about getting something through the post and then it turns up packaged like something a toddler could do. When it arrives like that I feel like the company doesn’t care once they have pocketed my money. Anywho, not this company! Fantastic product, fantastic delivery, fantastic price. Need I say more?

Stacey x x

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