Sunday, 6 May 2012

Avengers outfit and make-up.

Last Saturday was the long awaited and heavily anticipated cinema trip to see The Avengers or Avengers Assemble, if you are super geeky like me! I am a self professed geek when it comes to these types of things. I love movies anyway and definitely buy in to the whole superhero notion, so when it comes to movies about superheroes? Suffice to say I was in fantasy action heaven!. P.S I Love Thor.

So for my cinema trip I devised an outfit and slapped on a bit of erm..... Slap.

I feel that this outfit is a little bit twin-set and pearls. As you can see I braved it with the bare legs look. It did seem sunny outside from my window so I thought it might be at least tepid? Unfortunately for me, not so much, it was freezing!! 


About 80% of this outfit I have to thank my mother for as the only things I bought were the pink body top and the belt. Actually TBH 80% of my wardrobe I have to thank my mother for, she is in fact a fashionista!. The pearls were a present from my nan for my 18th birthday so she also deserves a shout out today.

Next is my cinema make-up, or my cinema no make-up. The reason I wanted to show you this today is to prove that sometimes a full face of make-up isn't needed to look good. 


In this picture I have no foundation on at all. I cleansed, toned and moisturised as normal. I coloured in my eye brows with my trusted MAC Spiked Eyebrows and tamed them with Collection 2000 clear mascara. I used my new Inika eye liner in 07 Graphite close to the lash line and to tightline and blended out. With a little Dior Skinflash 002 under my eyes to cover the baggage. I added a wash of colour to my cheeks with Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in 15 Rose Eclat and to finish I added a slick of my cherry and vanilla Figs and Rouge balm to my lips.

All in all a pretty simple and quick look. I have to admit sometimes I can not be bothered putting a full face of make-up on, actually it's sometimes a daunting prospect especially if you are trying out a new look. So some days when I want to wear a little summat summat but don't want to look like “isn't that Jessie J?” I'll just do a little eyes, or cheeks or sometimes I'll do a bold lip. Make-up is to be played with and to have fun with, don't conform and think you either have to have a full face on or nothing at all. Why not make and break the rules, life's for living after all.

Stacey x x

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