Wednesday, 18 April 2012

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow – Smutty Green.

Hi guys today I would like to introduce you to my first MAC mineralize eye shadow. This was a spur of the moment purchase which I do not regret, actually I am thinking about buying more.

I was at the MAC counter in Selfridges Manchester the other day buying my trusted ‘Spiked’ Eye Brows and a pink pigment for a specific look I was trying out. Whilst there I spied the mineralize eye shadows and was entranced by their sparkle (like a magpie!). I did ask if these were going to be here to stay, wondering if I should be purchasing them by mail order with my pro card (I am aware that with my pro card I don’t receive discount on anything that is limited edition, please tell me if this is wrong). The advisor told me that these are in fact limited edition so I couldn’t help but buy then and there. It was a very hard choice, especially between this and the purple one - Young Punk, but eventually I decided to go for Smutty Green, simply because I wear green eye shadow quite regularly.

(Check out the pattern! Looks like outer space)

At the counter the advisor expertly bagged my products and I was quite shocked that my new eye shadow looked massively different to the eye shadow that I swatched on the stand, so much so that I secretly thought she had picked up the wrong colour. The advisor commented that this is because lots of people had had their fingers in the one on the stand and I quickly hid my right hand behind my back in shame, yes I was one of those people. The advisor did eradicate all my concerns by explaining that once I had swirled my brush around the eye shadow a few times it would look exactly the same.

I understand that people have mixed views about the mineralize eye shadows depending on the collection and personal preference in general, but personally I really like this one. I have only tried it dry so far and yes there is substantial fall out (do the eyes first), I am also going to give this a go wet as it is meant to be even more awesome when used this way. I love this product because it is super sparkly and the fact that it looks rather cool is an added bonus.

If anyone has any thoughts on these products or recommendations please leave a comment below as I would love to hear them.

See you soon.

Stacey x x

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