Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Satsumo Santa.

Another bath lovely? I am treating you this week and may be my self a little bit too ;0)

So here is another instalment from the Christmas goody box and it comes in the form of a rather rotund, jolly Santa. 


I have to admit and I really don't want to, but I am more than a little disappointed with this bath bomb. Lush is like my Mecca and when I go in there it makes me feel serene and excited all at the same time, and I know that my purchases will always be good. However unfortunately in my eyes this bomb was far from good. 
It started off with the fizz. This bomb was bursting was fizz action but unfortunately that was short lived because it lasted about 2mins maximum. This then left my bath an amazing pinky/red colour but try as I may I couldn't locate the scent. I had my nose to the water, nothing. I thought I could small something, but it was my soap on the side of the bath so I moved it. I lifted my arm out of the water to smell my skin, looking back this could have looked like I was smelling my arm pit to an outsider, luckily my blinds were closed. But how ever hard I tried I could not smell this bomb at all. 


Now scent is generally the most important thing that I look for when choosing products for the bath, closely followed by what effect it has on the skin. Unfortunately again I didn't notice this bomb to have any effect on my skin. There was no oily goodness nor creamy loveliness. My skin didn't feel deep cleansed or muscle relaxed. I don't feel that I gained anything from this bomb other than pink water, which is lovely to look at but not something I would pay for.

Oh well you win some, you loose some and I have got plenty more to try yet.

Stacey x x

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