Tuesday, 28 February 2012

You’ve Been Mangoed.

HI guys, so Sunday was yet another bath bomb day and boy did I need it. I woke up in the morning with a splitting headache and the worst back ache ever! It actually felt like my first full day at work as a Beauty Therapist. On that day I did 7 full body massages all on muscley men. Sounds like a dream? It really wasn’t. My poor body wasn’t used to such strenuous activity (we are still talking about massage here, don’t be getting any ideas). By the end of that day, surprisingly I was feeling pretty good, my muscles had been worked and I felt like 7 full body massages on my first day was quite an achievement. However the next day I could not move my arms from by my sides, even holding a glass to my mouth was horrendous. Lucky I was off for a few days so I had time to recover from my ordeal. Now yesterday wasn’t quite as bad as that but I hadn’t even been doing any type of strenuous activity to warrant such pain. So after scouring the house for pain killers and only finding throat lozenges I decided the only thing that would help me would be a long soak in the bath.

Before I could do this I also did my blogging duty and took some pictures of the bomb that I used, see even consumed by pain I am always thinking about you guys ;0)

As you can see I decided to use another little something from the Christmas goody box and I went with You’ve Been Mangoed. You maybe able to tell by the catchy name that this is a Lush product so what do Lush say?

“Lemongrass, lime and lemon essential oils give you a zest and help lift your mind out of the blues and into an orange glow of cheeriness.
A tiny bar of powerful skin-softening butters makes this great for dry skins.
How to use
Watch it slowly melt away to leave you surrounded in a silky smooth bath of exquisite oils and fragrances”.

And what do I say? Well I say that I am a pretty happy girl. The scent was lovely. It was natural and quite subtle compared with the Pearls a Zinger Bath Tulip. This is not necessarily a bad thing as I could still smell this even in the bedroom but it wasn’t over powering. It was a fruity, creamy smell which I really liked and it left my skin a little moisturised. In my bath it didn’t leave a colour and it dissolved in about 10mins without any fizz.  

Overall at £2.95 I think this bomb (that I should really call a melt) was really nice. It would be something that I would repurchase in the future for a little treat, and if you like fruity scents and a little moisturising then this could be the bath melt for you.

Stacey x x

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