Thursday, 16 February 2012

OPI TopCoat, Colour and Birthday Cakes.

Well good evening ladies and gentlemen, tonight you are in for a real treat for I have in store for you, not one, not two, but three exquisite delicacy's to feast your eyes upon!!

The first is my gorgeous birthday present from my equally gorgeous friend Sarah of Cakes by Sarah-Jane. As you can see I am actually lucky enough to have a best friend who is a cake maker/baker and she came round to my house today to drop off the most amazingly beautiful cupcakes, one of which I am eating right now


Now there is a reason that I have received these specific cupcakes for my birthday, not just because I LOVE cake, although that is reason enough in my book! My friend first made these specific cupcakes for a christening that I was lucky enough to attend, and at this christening me and my other close friend discovered that once you bite in to these little beauties it is like your life is filled with joy. They are the most amazing cakes I have ever tasted in my life and ever since that day me and my other friend have taken every opportunity to bring these cakes up in conversation to try and get said cakes made for us, and we were even thinking about crashing parties where these cakes might be located. Phew... it was touch and go for a minuet there!

But there was no need for that because for both out birthdays, respectively, we received a little box of goodness and our lives were thus complete......until they have been scoffed! And trust me these will not be around for long.

So from one lot of goodies to another and today I wanted to show you my new Topcoat by OPI and a coloured nail polish that came with it. 


For a while now I have been scraping the dregs at the bottom of my current topcoat trying to drag out the inevitable task of purchasing a new one. This was because generally I don't enjoy buying things that I have to buy and mainly because I had been using China Glaze Topcoat and I have kind of had a falling out with Sally's and am in the throes of boycotting them at the moment. So with my go to Topcoat currently off the market I was a bit at a loss at which to try next. Eventually after much scrutiny and internet research I plumped for OPI RapidDry TopCoat and I am very impressed. I found it to have a really nice consistency, not too watery or too thick. It gave an amazing gloss to the nails, it lasted quite a while without chipping and it dried really quick. It ticked all my criteria for what I look for in a Topcoat and I would definitely buy this again. And as well as all this, it also came with a little gift. 


I am, like most, the kind of girl who loves a little something for free and this little something was an absolute treat. I received with my Topcoat OPI's “Red my fortune cookie” which is one of their red nail colours. First off I love the name, its not just “Red” or “Fiery Red” or another word that is synonymous with Red, there has been some real thought that has gone in to this name. Also im never really happy when I receive a red polish as a freebie because I feel that in a lot of sets they just put a red in to flesh it out. Like you have had too many nice colours in this set so you can have a red in it too. Hmmm maybe that's my cynical side coming out?! But I was proved wrong with this freebie red because it actually blew me away. It is by far the nicest red I own and it applied like a dream. No streaks, no bumps, it was completely flawless and it had great staying power. 


This is the first time I have ever really looked in to OPI, I think I have kind of misjudged it as being over rated and a little expensive but after this experience I will definitely be getting some more, I already have my eye on same Nicki Minaj polishes for OPI. shhh......don't tell anyone.

See you all soon.

Stacey x x

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