Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bomb Cosmetics - Pearls a Zinger Bath Tulip.

Hi guys so yesterday after scrubbing my kitchen, tidying my living room, losing my phone for 2 hours and then finding it in the bin, I thought it was time for a bath bomb. Actually I NEEDED a bath bomb! And luckily for me Santa had brought me a stash of them for Christmas. This particular bath bomb came from a cosmetics goody box which my mum had made for me.

It has lots of wonderful things in it and I thought that I would review them one by one for you. This is one of my most favourite presents which I received for Christmas. The box is amazing, I will definitely be using this to house my jewellery collection in the near future. I also love that that bottom was filled with crepe paper and little Christmas tree confetti. This box means the world to me because so much thought has gone in to it, it is filled with time, attention and love. 


My mum is an avid reader of my blog which makes me really happy, and she has been waiting for this review to come out since New Years day. She explained to me that she bought this specific bomb because of my Body Shop shower gels post in which I professed to being “a self confessed guru of orange smells” and she wanted to find out how this performed. So what can I tell you and her? 

Well this bomb was definitely Orange. The smell was strong and sweet, if not a little man made, and dare I say, a tiny bit soapy, but I'm sure I can over look that as the scent lasted all day, actually I can still smell it when I go in to my bathroom now. That may be due to that fact that on the website it states “Remember to only allow a portion of your Tulip to dissolve and remove it from the bath to save the rest for later”. I unfortunately read this a little too late and I used the whole thing in one go, but let me tell you I would do the same again because it was a pretty nice bath! 


As you can see from the picture my bomb is shaped like a cup cake which makes me happier than you can imagine. I like to think that the red dots on it are jelly beans and the caramel coloured flakes are fudge. Even unwrapping this bomb felt amazing, I love that fact that it looks good enough to eat.


Once I put the bomb in the bath it took age to dissolve (I now know why), it easily took 20 mins, I had time to take pictures of it, put a face mask on, write some of my review and then read for about 10mins. During this time the bomb merrily bobbed around my bath water leaving a milky/oil residue in it's wake, which left my skin feeling super silky and hydrated and appeals to my lazier side as I didn't have to moisturise after. 


This bomb was £2.99 and I have to tell you I think it was definitely worth the money! I will be checking out some more of the products the Bomb Cosmetics has to offer in the future but will this company be taking over my love of Lush? Well!? Maybe I can have it as well as. 

Stacey x x 

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