Monday, 15 August 2011

Body Shop shower gels

Good morning ladies and gents. First of all let me apologise as I have not up loaded any post for what seems like for ever. I do have an excuse for this though. I am now a MRS! Yes you guessed it. I have been busy getting married, oh and moving house. I am in fact crazy to have attempted both these things at the same time, but we survived and now I can return my attention to you guys.

So to ease us back in slowly this post will be short, sweet and relaxing (in a bath/ shower kind of way)

Before the wedding I took a trip to one of my usual haunts, The Body Shop. Now as I love anything that smells nice, especially in the bath, and as my self and The Body Shop are already well acquainted the first shower gel I chose was an old favourite. Spiced Vanilla.

For me this show gel has such a comforting fragrance. With its warming and spicy tones it makes it the perfect choice on a cold winter’s night, or in fact any night in the UK. I really like how the vanilla is quite subtle compared to some bath products I have tried. This means that it is not a sickly, over powering smell.

My next purchase was a shower gel that I had not had the pleasure of trying before. Jolly Orange was chosen for my love of orange scents. When I’m feeling down and I need something to bring the sparkle back I use an orange scented product in my bath.

As this was in the sale as well as the Spiced Vanilla I thought I would give it a try.

Although the scent of Jolly Orange is not a bad one it could have been a little better for me. Baring in mind that I am the self confessed guru of orange smells; to me it smelt a little man made and frankly not orange enough. Now remember this is just personal opinion and it will in no way stop me from using this all up.

As well as the 2 above I also bought 2 shower gels from the Earth Lovers Range.

The Earth Lovers range carries The Body Shop eco-conscious symbol which promises that products using this symbol are non toxic to the aquatic environment, use minimum and recycled packaging and meet strict biodegradable standards.

They are also parabens, sulphates, colourant and soap-free.

And may just I say, Oh how I love these!!!

I love the face that both these scents are fruits combined with herbs. To me this makes them smell Devine. The scent is natural, not man made and not perfumy at all.

The Apricot and Basil shower gel smells predominantly of apricot, which is amazing for me as it transforms any wet and wild day instantly in to summer. Where as the basil just tones down the fruitiness to stop it from becoming too over powering. Fruity fans will love this one.

The Fig and Rosemary on the other hand is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The first thing you notice about this scent is the rosemary, which I am aware is an acquired taste. For those of you who may not have experienced this scent before it is distinctly herby. For me this is what I love about it. To be honest I’m not completely sure what fig smells like bit it can definitely not be a bad smell that’s for sure.

So apart from the smells these shower gels perform exceptionally well. They lather up a treat, feel smooth and silky on the skin and when I pour them under running water they make bubbles to rival a bubble bath.

All in all I was very happy with these purchases and I will definitely be repurchasing from The Earth Lovers range in the future.

Stacey xx

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