Saturday, 21 July 2012

Illamasqua – My growing collection.

Hi guys today I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the most amazing make-up brand and my steadily growing collection.

Illamasqua is a British brand that makes professional make-up available to the public. They began their life in 2008 as the brainchild of Yorkshire man Julian Kynaston and have utterly exploded on to the make-up scene with their slogan “make-up for your alter ego”. Illamasqua's whole ethos is about challenging conventions and having fun with make-up, going a bit crazy and loving every minuet of it. Illamasqua are full to the brim with creativity and this even comes across in their product creations. I love the idea of making products to be used in all different ways and Illamasqua have promoted this idea by having multi-use products. So instead of having lip pencils or eye pencils they just have 'pencils' that are formulated to be used on eyes and lips. They also have the Cream Pigments, the Pure Pigments, the Liquid Metals and a multitude of other products that can be used all over the face and body. Illamasqua are also proud sponsors of a very worthy cause, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which just makes me love them all the more. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up in memory of Sophie, who in 2007 was beaten to death for looking different! Now I personally think that there could not be a more apt partnership and I applaud them both for the sterling work they are doing to promote the right to be individual and safe (I cant believe people don't have this right already. It makes me very sad!). I could literally go on all day about this incredible brand but lets just say, I am a little in love with them.

The Collection.

I like to think of this as a proverbial dip of the toe in to the extravagance and sheer brilliance of Illamasqua, soon to be followed by a full on dunk when monies become available.

So what have we got here?

Midnight Vixen.

This box set was chosen by my hubby's own fair hand as a Christmas present. It includes False Eye Lashes No.26 and Precision Ink in Abyss. These eye lashes are beautiful. With a pliable band and the funkiest feather tips. Loving that it comes with the black liquid eye liner as well. Just the box set to achieve seamless, show stopping eyes.

Nail Varnish.

As you know I have already reviewed one Illamasqua polish for you which can be found here, but just recently I purchased another two (in the sale of course, did I mention that the Illamasqua sale is ACE!!). The two I went with are Swinger, which is a gold molten metal, and Loella, which is a candy pink with a slight duo chrome purple. I find that these polishes go on so nice and smooth and when you are getting them for £5 in the sale who can complain?

Medium Pencils.

Also bought in the sale for £5 each, such a bargain, were three medium pencils in Strumpet, Rump and Devotion. Strumpet is a classic cherry red and was bought specifically to go with Box Lipstick. Rump is a sky blue and Devotion is a pastel jade green. Both were chosen purely because I liked the look of them and they do not disappoint.

Precision Ink.

I adore liquid eye liner, I actually think it is my favourite make-up product so I was bound to have some of Illamasqua's offerings. As you already know from the above I have Abyss, but I also have Havoc and Scribe as well. Havoc is a dark plumb colour which looks so much better than black on pale skins like me, and Scribe is pure white and absolutely rocks my world!

Cream Pigment.

Cream Pigment is a wondrous creation that can be used literally anywhere on the body. The two colours I have were chosen specifically to use as under eye correctors, I have dark circles no matter what I do!, they are Bedaub and Emerge. Bedaub is a matt mint green and can be used to counteract redness and Emerge is a peach colour and can be used to counteract blue/purple. Obviously you don't have to use the cream pigments like this, as Illamasqua says they can be used for anything.

Pure Pigment.

Pure Pigment, like Cream Pigment can also be used anywhere and any way you like, so versatile, and I have three in my possession at this moment. The first is Zeitgeist which is a black pigment with silver shimmer running through it. The second is Berber which is a rust red colour with a gold/green shimmer. And the third is Static which is an iridescent duo chrome of pink/silver. Pure Pigments are finely milled, have beautiful shimmer and apply like a treat, just remember to watch for fall out.


And last but not least, the Pièce de résistance and the one piece of Illamasqua finery that I have been wanting for a long time is Box Lipstick. From the creator Alex Box comes the ultimate vintage lippie. Just looking at it makes me want to put on my circle skirt and twin set and pearls. It is matt finish and deep scarlet red. It's definitely a beauty and teamed with Havoc Precision Ink for those 50s flicks your on to a retro winner!

Well after all that I think that's everything – for now. And on my wish list? Everything else.

Hope you have enjoyed.

Stacey x x

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