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Glossybox June 2012 – Beauty

Hi guys yet another Glossybox post coming to you this fine morning. This months box is all about sexy summer beauty. Glossybox state “With products covering your every summer beauty need, you can be sure you'll be beach beautiful in no time”. Well I am currently nowhere near a beach, but I do need to be some kind of beautiful so I will take what I can get ;0)

Today I am going to start with my least favourite from the bunch and work up to my most favourite, so lets begin.

Glossybox – Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush

This is the first time I have had the opportunity to try anything that is specifically from Glossybox and unfortunately I didn't think it was great. This was a blusher brush which Glossybox states is made from goat hair and it is meant to give a “super-soft make-up application”. I have to admit that I just found this brush scratchy on the skin. It's dense enough don't get me wrong and it looks pretty nice as well but I like my brushes to feel lovely and luxurious on the skin. Maybe I have been spoilt with the brushes that I have in my kit because this one just fell flat in my opinion. However Glossybox it's self is amazing value for money and with the rest of the goodies that came in the box I am amazed they could fit a brush in there. And it is great for someone who does not use brushes for their make-up normally, so not a complete downer.

BM Beauty – Summer Warmth Bronzer

BM Beauty is a mineral make-up company founded by Laura McComiskie who is a celebrity make-up artist and Kimberly Wyatt who was that PussyCat Doll who used to put her leg over her head all the time (she is so flexible!). Their products are free from chemical nasties and they are veggie friendly. The bronzer itself was ok. It was finely milled and left just the right amount of shimmer on my cheeks and high points. The down side, the colour was just too dark for me. I had to put the tiniest amount on for fear of looking like I had been punched in the face with a sparkly fist. Also there is only one colour of bronzer on the website as well, come on people what about your dark skinned beauties and your porcelain pretties? * sad face *

Caudalie – Eaux Fraiches Fleur De Vigne

This fragrance was lovely. Light and refreshing. With Grapefruit, Tangerine and Cedar this fragrance had a real scent of summer. I have been using this constantly since receiving it and would love to try the other two fragrances in the range. At £26 a pop I would say it's a little on the pricey side, because it is more of a body spray then a perfume, but on the other hand - it smells divine! 

HD Brows – Precision Tweezers

I was initially not bothered about trying these tweezers because I already have tweezers that I love and have used for ages. So I left them down stairs on the table to be used when I could not find my others (that happens often). Low and behold a few days later I had some eye brow maintenance to do and my beloved tweezers were nowhere to be found! But guess what? The HD tweezers were just there, waiting and wanting to be used, and they were AMAZING. They removed even the tiniest hair and they were super sharp. I was suitably impressed. I love it when something surprises me! 

Vichy – Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

WOW! I love this. I have been wanting to try the Vichy Dermablend for a long time now but I already have foundations in my kit and it's expensive to change brands, especially when you still have some left. Also I didn't know, and still don't know if this foundation causes flash back, this foundation is SPF30. I have tried this foundation on myself but I have never had flash back with anything because I am as white as the flash itself!.

I used No 11 Porcelain which was the lightest shade in the starter kit (and it was still a little too dark, just one shade lighter and this would have made me the happiest person in the world, as it is I could only use a little of this foundation otherwise you would have seen the colour change).

However the foundation itself was lovely. It was quite sold and dense, as this is the stick formulation, so you have to really work this into the skin. But once it was on and I powdered it was not going any where. I am definitely going to give this a try on some other people and check for the dreaded flash back and then it may make it's way in to my kit.

So there you have it. Another delve in to the Glossybox world. As ever if you would like to be part of the crew then you can sign up here

Hope you have enjoyed and I will see you soon.

Stacey x x

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