Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Original Eau De Cologne – Erfrischungstuch.

HI guys today I would like to show you something a little different. Grandma and Grandad in-law have just been on one of their many, MANY jollies, this time to the The Rhine, and they brought me back a little present. For those of you that don't know, The Rhine is a really big river that runs through six countries in Europe: Switzerland, Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands before flowing into the North Sea at Rotterdam. And it was on this voyage that they did a little sight seeing in Cologne in Germany, and this is where my present came from.

In Cologne city centre you will find Glockengasse 4711 which is the birth place and home of the world famous 4711 Original Eau De Cologne. As legend goes, on 8 October 1792 a Carthusian monk gave the merchant Wilhelm Muelhens a unique wedding gift: the secret recipe of a so-called "aqua mirabilis" a miracle water for internal and external use. From the outset Muelhens was sold on this extraordinary formula and went in to production of his “Kölnisch Wasser” Cologne Water. The formula of this product is so heavily guarded that when Napoleon issued a decree in 1810, that all formulas for internal use had to be made public Wilhelm Muelhens positioned his Kölnisch Wasser for external use only. Thus avoiding disclosure of the secret formula. The numbers 4711 are also steeped in history. In 1794 during the French occupation it was decided that all buildings were to be given consecutive numbers to eliminate the jumble of street names and make it easier to billet troops. The house belonging to Wilhelm Muelhens was given the number 4711, which was later adopted as the name of the brand.

This excites me some much! It's like owning a piece of history and I love using products that have a story behind them. 

So the G's brought me back The Original Eau De Cologne – Erfrischungstuch. Which is a box of 10 refreshing tissues infused with 'The secret formula'. My present came beautifully gift wrapped in the classic gold and blue colours that are synonymous with this brand. And when I opened the box I was delighted to find that each tissue is individually encased in it's own opulent packet. The packaging of this brand and product absolutely oozes elegance and grandeur! Just as I like to think I do lol.

Also the tissues themselves smell lovely! There is a slight alcohol scent to them but this does not transfer on to the skin. Like I say, the formula is still shrouded in mystery today but what the website does tell you are the essential oils that are used. These are Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Rosemary and Neroli. This combination of essential oils and what ever else is in there, left my skin feeling clean and fresh, with a subtle hint of citrus. These refreshing tissues are specifically to be used on the go and they will definitely be getting some use here. I will be taking them on holiday, keeping some in my bag for when I have to run for the train, and if I ever go camping again these will be coming along too. They are ace, so glam and lovely! Thank you G and G for thinking of me on your hols and bringing me back a slice of history.

Stacey x x

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