Sunday, 15 July 2012

O.P.I - The More the Marry-ier.

Yes that time of year is upon us again, where ladies get fraught and crazy and men get hot under the collar and cold in their socks, it is in fact Wedding Season. Actually that is not completely correct because in the UK you can get married at any time of the year but the summer time is the most popular. I am guessing that the allure of a dry day and sun shine is what spurs the 'To Be's' on for a summer wedding, but as we have seen from my last post and the fact that it wee'd it down on my own wedding day, just goes to show that in the UK you can not guarantee the weather!

So in my quest for the perfect wedding nudes I came across the very aptly named O.P.I gift set - The More the Marry-ier. I absolutely love O.P.I's play on words when it comes to the names of their polishes, they always make me smile. 


In this set you get four 3.75ml mini polishes including: Alpine Snow, Princesses Rule!, Sweet Heart and a RapidDry Top Coat. Alpine Snow is a pure, matt white. It applies lovely and opaque and is perfect for those classic white tips. Princesses Rule! is a pink polish with a beautiful shimmer running through it. It applies quite sheer which is a nice change. One coat will leave you with a subtle shimmer on the nails but this can be built with more coats to a full on pink shimmer-fest. (Shhhh don't tell anyone but this is my favourite from the set). We then have Sweet Heart which is a light nudy pink. I found that one coat of this baby was a little streaky so I would definitely suggest two coats as the optimum. Also I found it too opaque to be used as the pink in a French manicure but it is a lovely nude when used on it's own. And last is an old faithful of mine, the RapidDry Top Coat. This is the only top coat that I use at the moment simply because with this there is no need for any other. It works a treat. 

 (left to right: Sweet Heart, Alpine Snow, Princesses Rule!, Sweet Heart)

Don't worry if these arnt really what you are after for your big day as I do have some other nudy treats up my sleeve.

Until next time.

Stacey x x

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