Friday, 4 November 2011

Rainbow cake and other necessities.

Hay guys today I want to show you some really cool things that I ordered from Face Paint UK. First of all I have to say that this company has THE fastest shipping time of any company I have ordered with. I literally ordered at about 12pm one day and it arrived the very next day via Royal Mail. I was amazed! Not only the fact that it actually arrived at my house lol (im having issues with Royal Mail at the moment) but my products must have been picked, packaged and posted minutes after I ordered it! Yes its the little things that make me very happy ;0)

So after an unexpected postal surprise the next day, THE NEXT DAY, here is what I ordered.

Diamond FX Black and White
Fardel Gold fluid make-up
Diamond FX split cake no7
Kryolan glitter gel
Grimas X3 square sponges
Grimas coarse stipple sponge
Bibi X6 double load sponges
FPUK round sponge stick large
FPUK large sponge dauber

The main reason I placed this order was because I really wanted to up grade my black and white paints to achieve more precise and clean line work. I had been researching the best paints on the market for line work and even though lots of people have their different favourites, Diamond FX came up time and time again.

As well as this I had been toying with the idea of a split / rainbow cake for a long time and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. I decided to go for the neon rainbow simply because it looked the brightest and I think it will show up the best on pictures as well as real life. Also the kids will LOVE it!

Well you know how it is, once you start its hard to stop and before I knew it I had a multitude of other items in my virtual shopping bag, all with very good reasons for why I needed them, cant remember those reasons now but they were definately there at the time.

Looking back the only mistake I may have made was buying the double load sponges. I thought they may have fit the rainbow cake making it easier to apply but unfortunately they are a little too short, I should have really got a Diamond FX sponge but hay ho! I'm sure they will still get used.

So as you can see below I did a quick swatch of the paints to show you. 
(sorry the colour has been blasted out of it a little and it also looks like we have raging parties in our house, which is so far removed from what actually happens in our house, we were set up for a photo shoot at the time) 
I'm really happy with all of the above. It may not look it in the picture but the split cake is just as vivid as I wanted it to be. The black and white are super easy to use and give a good solid shade. And the gold is so shimmery in real life, it will be beautiful for accents. I haven't yet tried the sponges but once I have I will report back.

Now I better get practising with this rainbow cake as I can envisage my Sunday party being filled with lots of neon butterflies and tigers once the kids have spotted it ;0)

Stacey x x

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