Sunday, 6 November 2011

Inspiration for Christmas Photo Shoot.

Within the next few weeks I am going to be doing a Christmas themed photo shoot and I wanted to give you guys an insight into how my ideas for this shoot have been organised and expanded on to create the finished looks.

I am really excited about Christmas and it’s always been a very special time of year for me. I am very much about Christmas being a time for family (related or non related), celebration and excitement. So when Hubby suggested a Christmas photo shoot I was like “I’m quite busy at the moment, I’m not sure I can make the time” lol. Really I jumped at the chance. 
Now working with the Hubster as a photographer and close friends as models means that I can get involved in pretty much all aspects of the shoot, so I have kind of taken this to the latter and it has morphed in to my baby!!

So here is my first bit of inspiration. I wanted to start by thinking about what is synonymous with Christmas, when people think about Christmas what are the things that spring to mind?

As you can see these have been written down the left hand side of the page and they are things like: Nativity, presents, glitter, wrapping up warm etc. Moving on from this I also wanted to think about the colours, textures and make-up that are apparent at this festive time of year. These have been written down the right hand side of the page and include: red glitter lips, silver, rosy cheeks etc. 

So armed with my plethora of ideas it was time to think about bringing them together to make a look. Well three looks in fact.

So here is the first one and it’s a Red Glitter Lip. I want to create a modern take on a classic 50s look. A red lip to me is classic and timeless and very festive. I’m thinking that for this look I want it to be all about the lip so I’m looking to keep the rest of the make up quite natural but still glam. I’m thinking the mandatory black liner to give it that 50s feel and some winged lashes. Although I have called this look Red Glitter Lip I am torn between a glitter look and a high gloss look. I like the idea of both so this will be decided on the day.

The idea for the second look is Red/Green/Gold, which I believe to be the ultimate Christmas colours. I want this look to be fun and colourful so I’m thinking graduated red, green and gold eyes, either glitter or foil and natural, healthy, glowing skin. 

The third look is inspired by the cold of winter, icicles, snow and frost. I love silver eyes any time of the year but even more at Christmas, I think they look funky and cool. I’m thinking highlighter, nude lips and maybe some crystal encrusted eyelashes, which I would be making and not buying. 


As you can see underneath all the looks I have noted a few ideas at the bottom of the page. These are my ideas about the look of the photo shoot and these will be pitched to Hubble along with the make-up ideas to see what he thinks.

I feel that it is really important for me to get all my ideas formulated and written down for photo shoots, especially when there is a theme involved. Although all these ideas are subject to change depending on model and vetoing photographer ;0) I feel more inspired when my ideas are on paper.

So guys I hope you have enjoyed this delve in to my crazy mind and watch out for the photo shoots in all their glory, coming very soon.

Stacey x x

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