Monday, 3 September 2012

A Wedding “Up North”. Nails.

On the 26th July I was honoured and delighted to attending the wedding of two of the most lovable, caring and truly beautiful people that I have ever met. I have known Vicky and Jonny as a couple for 7 and a half years now and Vicky pre-Jonny for another 3 years on top. So let’s just say I have been waiting for this celebration for a while.

So the day before the wedding, and actually the day we moved house, the hubby and I trundled our sorry, lethargic bums up to Teesside. After wallowing in my own tiredness for a while and eating copious amounts of Chinese food at the mother figure’s, it was time to go to the Mother of the Bride’s (MOB) residence for the mammoth nail dressing challenge. 6 bridesmaids, MOB and the bride-to-be herself, the pressure was on! On entering the MOB’s my tiredness all but evaporated, to be replaced by a giddy girlishness and an extreme longing to wear my wedding dress again ;0)  

A few weeks earlier Vicky had sent me a picture of the bridesmaid dresses and I was on a mission to find nail polish to match. I already had a pink polish that I thought would match and I had found a gorgeous olive polish from OPI, but with two days left before ‘The Big Day’ I still had not found a polish for the blue dresses. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and custom blend a colour.

I started with a very tatty Nails Inc white (Whitechapel)  that had been abandoned in the bottom of my nail kit. I then added a little Ruby and Millie Blue 610C, OPI I Vant To Be A-Lone Star, Nails Inc Pembroke Close and Tudor Way. And then shake and blend, and blend and shake. Add a little of each colour here and there and Voila (the blue one, third in from the left).

(From left to right: Alpine Snow&You Callin' Me A Lyre? - OPI, The mix polish, Kensington Square Caviar - Nails Inc, Stranger Tides - OPI, Sweet Heart - OPI)

I am actually very pleased with how this custom blend colour turned out. I was a little worried that the consistency would not be right or that it might peel off the nails because of all the different brands that I had used. But it went on lovely and lasted like a trooper!

(From left to right: Mother of the bride, bridesmaids colours x3, the bride-to-be. I thought you might like to see how they looked together)

With the bridesmaids sorted the MOB went for a classic French polish which was chic and understated. The perfect choice to complement her pastel pink outfit (I have never seen pink look so elegant). And that was all……………………..Only kidding. We could never forget the lady of the hour! The bride-to-be decided to go with a beautiful, barely there nude. She was going to let nothing compete with her bejewelled princess dress, except maybe her shoes! So the night went by in a haze of polish, false nails and girly giggles and before I knew it, it was time for bed and the wedding day.

To be continued......................................................

Stacey x x

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