Thursday, 13 October 2011

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control 2000w Turbo Hair Dryer with Ionic Technology

A couple of weeks ago, on the day that I'd had my hair done, my hair dryer decided that this would be the optimum time for it to break! Instead of blowing out the lovely warm air that I had grown accustomed to, there was only air as cold as Siberia to be had. Now maybe if I had many hours to spend with the Siberian air fixed on my head I’m sure eventually my hair would have dried, but as appealing as that sounds I decided it was time to spend my hard earned cash on a new one.

I would normally buy my hair electricals from a hair and beauty trade shop such as Sally’s or Alan Howard but my hair dresser suggested trying Boots this time as they always have offers on and the high street hair dryers are apparently quite good.

Before I set off I decided that I needed a spec to follow so I didn’t get carried away. My last hair dryer had different heat and speed settings and a cool shot button so these were definitely on my list. Also I really wanted a colourful one, something bright and funky. Most of all price had to be factored in and really I only wanted to spend about £25, a task in it’s self I feel.

I had researched on the Boots website and there were lots of coloured ones on there for around my price range but unfortunately when I got to the shop there was only one coloured one that matched the spec. It was amazing! It had multi coloured stripes and it was a really cool shape and it was £50. Twice as much as I really wanted to spend. So then I had the dilemma of choosing a normal, dare I say Boring hair dryer that met the spec for £25 or shell out the mammoth amount for a hair dryer that effectively does that same but looks really cool. Now in the past my crazy side would have taken over and the expensive hair dryer (along with most of the Sanctuary range) would have been in my bag, but my sensible side prevailed, YAY ME :0) And I went for the well put together, sturdy, spec meeting hair dryer that is the Nicky Clarke Frizz Control 2000w Turbo hair dryer with Ionic technology.

*the funky one would have probably broke anyway, well that’s what I tell my self lol*

The details on the box states that this “frizz control turbo hair dryer utilizes the latest in Ionic technology which helps to leave hair silky smooth and frizz free”

As my hair is in fact the complete opposite of frizzy this description was not really the reason I bought this product. I was swayed by that fact that it has 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, a cool shot button and a turbo boost.

All in all this is a pretty good hair dryer. Its light, it’s fast and it does exactly what it says on the tin and for £25 I would definitely buy this again. Although maybe Nicky Clarke, the same hair dryer with some extra colour please, thank you?

Stacey x x

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