Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

Hay guys just a little review for you. I first saw this product on Arden Rose‘s Youtube channel, ARose186. She was doing a favorites video and I thought ‘balm and a stain’, I gotta get me one of those! As Arden Rose is an American Youtuber,and as everything always comes out in America first, I didn’t get my hopes up for getting my hands on one of these for a while. However I couldn’t contain my curiosity and had to do a little online research. I found that they had been released in the UK but Boots website had completely sold out. Why am I never the first to find things! Anywho, I then decided I didn’t need any more lip products anyway and gave up the Ghost. Until I took a chance walk through Boots in Manchester City Centre and guess what! Kerching, 3 balm stains bought and paid for quicker than you can say “do I really need these?”

 (040 Rendezvous, 001 Honey Douce, 010 Darling Cherie)

I have to admit, the pickings were very slim for these when I went in. There are normally 7 shades to choose from, but on the day there were only 4 available as all the rest had sold out. So of the measly few I had to choose from I chose 010 Darling Cherie, (which, surprisingly was the one I really wanted), 040 Rendezvous and 001 Honey Douce.

010 Darling Cherie is a gorgeous medium pink/purple. It does look quite dark in the bullet but don’t be deceived, or scared, it goes on lighter. This one is my fave!

The next is 040 Rendezvous and yes it is Orange. What did you expect, you know I like a little bit of crazy?! This stain is pretty bright so I would say not one for a shrinking Violet, but definitely my cup of tea.

And last but not least 001 Honey Douce. Just like Darling Cherie this stain looks dark in the bullet but once swatched comes up lighter. This is a light, blush colour which looks quite natural and beautiful on the lips.

As you know I bought these from Boots where they are £7.99 each, but they are on 3 for 2 at the moment, bargain! And I adore them (as I do with most lip products lol). They feel nourishing and light on the lips and leave a lovely stain when the balm wears off. They are also SO easy to use, with their crayon like tip and twist bottom applicator, especially on the go.

Have you guys tried any of these yet? What do you think?

Stacey x x

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