Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Look. Red/Green/Gold.

Hi guys sorry I have been MIA for what seems like for ever. Its been ever so slightly busy in this neck of the woods but that is no excuse for shirking my blogging responsibilities!! Neither is feeling like death, which I woke up at 5 O clock this morning feeling like. So having dragged my sorry state out of bed at 6am, after whimpering and sniffing in hubby's ear for an hour (hubby was still asleep!), I then proceeded to; festivise my living room (it is now complete with tree, tinsel and many a sparkly bauble), chat to the mother-figure for half an hour (always sure to get sympathy in abundance there), watched 3 Shrek films and Christmas Madagascar. And now here I am. Drinking hot Vimto (which may or may not be hubby's) and eating a Smarties xmas penguin (bought by the mother-in-law, because secretly she thinks I'm the best daughter-in-law in the world!). Soldering on, like a trooper, for the team, and if any persons would like to shower me with sympathy I'll take that for the team too ;0).

So it's been a long time in coming but I have for you today the first of the Christmas looks that go with “Inspiration for Christmas Photo Shoot”. This is the Red/Green/Gold look. The first picture is the main picture taken from the shoot. In each of the shoots we wanted to depict a different way to celebrate Christmas. This picture was about celebrating the fun of Christmas, letting your childish side out and relishing in the magic of Christmas. All 3 shoots follow the same layout, one full length picture, one close up and one of feet (in shoes of course, for those of you that have an aversion to naked feet).

This photo shoot was really nice and relaxing. The photos were taken in my house and yes I did put my tree up especially for this, as well as sewing coloured bells and stars on the the dress to make it look more festive.

Now I tried a couple of looks out for this shoot in advance as I was trying to work in both the Red, Green and Gold in to one eye look and still make it wearable. I tried graduated eyes, I tried glitter liner in all the colours, I tried it with mat colours, shimmery, sparkly but all to no avail. Everything I tried either looked too crazy (I like crazy but it's not too wearable) or just plain BAD. So I decided to do what any professional would do and assess the situation on the day ;0).

Luckily for me my model, the beautiful Jenny was, if I could be so bold as to say, STUNNING! She had the most gorgeous young skin and a truly angelic look. So multi-coloured craziness went straight out the window and wholesome young fun was the theme of the day.

For the skin I evened out skin tone with a little Graftobian HD foundation and some ELF HD powder. For the cheeks I slightly contoured with NYX light brown (no name) powder, highlighting with MAC Phloof (my go to highlighter) and a wash of colour on the cheeks using NYX blusher in Peach. For lips I conditioned with Carmex Classic lip balm and gave the lips a just bitten look with Sleek Tinted Lip Colour in Electro Peach.

Even though I wasn't going crazy with colour this look was still all about the eyes. I used Too Faced shadow insurance as a base and then used a NYX gold glitter gel from the eyelashes to two thirds of the way up the eyelid. This gave a wash of gold glitter that you could see when she blinked. As well as this I also used a green glitter liquid eye liner. from Claire's Accessories across the lash line to give a fun, funky edge to the look. Topped of with some Maybelline Great Lash blackest black mascara and some mussed up curled hair and voilĂ . Fun, funky, not too crazy make up, using glitter (my favouritest thing in the whole wide world) that can be worn pretty much anywhere.

If you are a glitter lover like me or you would just like to try some thing new, glitter eye liners are a really good investment. You can get them in pencils, gels, liquids. You can get them from the big cosmetics houses like MAC, Stila, and Too Faced, all the way down to Claire's Accessories and MUA for Superdrug. The beauty of this look is you can go all out with a big retro kitten flicks or tone it down with dots of sparkle right on the lash line, which means it can be adapted to suit anyone. And lets be honest, who doesn't like a little sparkle at Christmas.

Hope you have enjoyed guys and I'll see you soon.

Stacey x x


  1. I'd love to do some more photo's with you Stace! I'm back from Uni for a month in March if you would fancy it :) xxx

    1. Hi honey i would love to do some more photo's with you too. FB me the dates for when you are home and we can sort something out. xx