Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Red Hair

Hello and welcome to another very dull and rain sodden day in Lancashire. It feels like it has rained constantly for all my life (although it's probably only been two weeks). So to brighten my miserable mood, and maybe partially due to the fact that my hair was looking decidedly like a mullet, I decided a hair cut and colour was in order.

Now I'm really picky about where I go to get my hair done, not because my hair is amazing, but because it's really not! Its fine, its limp, its lifeless and a whole host of other adjectives that I probably shouldn't mention here. Yep, I think you can guess em. So I booked in with the fantastic Steph Osgood at Dash Hair Design near Bolton. Steph has been styling my hair for about 9 months now and I have gone from mid length brown hair (with the black ends, I was home dying before this), to an inverted purple bob, and to the fiery shortness that I have now. Throughout this time Steph has been consistent in her greatness, offering many a pearl of hair wisdom, and her cutting isn't too bad either lol

This time all I had in mind was that I wanted to go a little more red. I have to admit, I'm not very good when it comes to fully formed hair idea's so Steph normally has her work cut out.

This is the before picture

and (a drum roll please) Voilà

As you can see the red idea was kept and Steph added the darker and lighter flashes and the blunt fringe. The result? I absolutely love it! I think the colour makes my skin look amazing and the blunt cut brings it bang it up to date.

Now to round this up, what blog post wouldn't be complete without a little product loving so below you will find a list of products that I currently use to keep my hair looking it's best.
Wella Brilliance Shampoo

Bastiste – Nude Dry Shampoo

Charles Worthington – Rough and Tough Salt Spray

Tigi – Bedhead Small Talk

Tigi – Hard to get Wax.

Fudge – Paintbox in Red  Corvette

Thanks for reading and if you have any hair product recommendations for me let me know.

Stacey xx

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